Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Leo introduction,
49 sec.

Ok hello, my name is Leo Fraser, I'm from Maplewood, New Jersey. I go to school in Oregon, at the University of Oregon, that is in Eugene, Oregon. I would have to say that my favorite city in the world is New York City because, one, I grew up 20 minutes outside of New York City and as far as cultures and opportunities to experience cultures, New York City and the areas surrounding New York City is the best in the world because everybody in world wants to come to New York City.

Leo 2,
57 sec.

It's a place of myths and legends and quote/unquote opportunities so I'm very skewed view of other cities because whenever I go to other cities I always compare them to New York City which isn't fair really. But I would suggest for anybody to go there, check it out, because whatever you want to encounter is there, every bit of culture, every type of music, every type of art, every type of theater, every type of food which is my downfall, and the beautiful thing about New York City is that seriously, it is the city that never sleeps which is good for me because I am a person that never sleeps so if I want to go out at one or two in the morning I can.

Leo 3,

Now, I'm in Oregon because New York City area is a very intense place to live at times because there's a lot a lot of people in a very very small area and a lot of them are very high stress so I went up to Oregon because I was looking for a breath of fresh air, so to speak, and I found it. And I would say that Oregon is perhaps one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, ever lived in, or had the pleasure to live in, because there's forests, mountains, and trees and good people and when I'm in Oregon I feel calm. I feel happy just because there's a different type of life around me.

Leo 4,
44 sec.

So life I live in New York is very intense and high powered, and the life I live in Oregon is more laid-back. I have a chance to be calm and take my time. Now both have their pros and cons I would say. In New York at times it is very hard to relax but in Oregon at times it' verys hard to get things done, so I'm very happy that I have the opportunity to live in both those places because the two sides of me get to come out in those separate places.

Leo 5,
38 sec.

What about your family?

My family? I have a father and a mother, older brother and a younger sister. My brother goes to school in New Orleans right now ? his fiancee. I'm going to be his best man in 2007 so I have to start thinking of a speech. They are studying law. My brother wants to be an international environmental lawyer and my sister is currently studying speech? in Speech Institute in Philadelphia.

Leo 6,

We're a pretty close family. Unfortunately nowdays because we're all in our separate spaces we don't have time, so much time to be together which is something I really realized being I'm here in Mexico because here in Mexico the family is everything. You eat with your famiily. You live with your family. Chances are that your grandmother or your aunt or whoever lives next door to you or down the block. It's all very tight knit family supporting culture here and if you walk in the plaza or the street at night, at day, at during the day, during the night, it doesn't matter. You always see families walking together, spending time together, parents and children, brothers and sisters, grandmothers and grandchildren. It's very very family oriented, so I would say if there's one lesson I've learned so far here in Mexico in my two weeks I would like I bring back to the United States, when I go back to the United States s I want to try to live the family culture that is here because it's very beautiful, literally beautiful, because you can just feel that the family is of the utmost importance.

Leo 7,
29 sec.

So when I go back I want to spend more time with my parents, talk to my brother and my sister more on the telephone because we are so far away, visit them if I can. See my grandfather more, see my aunts and uncles more, because really, family is the most important. If you don't have your family what have you got? and I've learned if you don't have your family you don't have much.

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