Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jessica L introduction.
12 sec.

My name is Jessica Lau and I’m 23 years old. I’m originally from North Dakota but I attend school in Oregon which is now my home, I consider it my home, I’ve lived there for four years

Jessica L 2.
25 sec.

I’ve got quite an interesting family situation. I’ve got a father and a mother and a brother who are biological but then when I was 16 I moved in with my best friend and her family. They took me in and raised me for the latter part of my teen age years and so they’re now my family as well. So I have two other sisters and Mary Joe Kyle and they’re not quite mom and dad in name but they really are like my mom and dad.

Jessica L 3
34 sec.

My sisters Jenna and Alisa are awesome. I’ve always wanted sisters growing up cause I always had a brother that was 6 yars older than me, so it is awesome to get two sisters at once. Alise has two children so I’m an aunt of Riley and Chase. I have yet to meet Chase. I’m going to go back home in May for my brother’s wedding.l’m very excited. He’s marrying a very wonderful woman and then I also get to see Chase my other nephew. (When was he born?) He was born last September.

Jessica L 4.
28 sec.

Yeah, so he’s a little Virgo and Ryan is a scorpio. So I now live in Oregon. I love it there. I went for a visit after I graduated from high school and fell in love with the landscape immediately It’s so wonderful out there. Any of you that get to visit the United States, you have to visit the Northwest., particularly Oregon . . . so beautiful. I fell in love and moved up there and have been living there very happily every since

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