Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christopher 1.
36 sec.

My name is Christopher Rashad McFarland. I'm from San Diego, California where I grew by the beach. It was rather nice. I went to an elementary school. I learned Spanish from the age of 5 and so I've been speaking Spanish for a while and I've continued my studies of Spanish through my High School and my university career and now I'm coming up on the end of my undergraduate education and we'll see what happens in the fall because I got accepted into graduate school in Chicago and from there hopefully I would like to teach Spanish on some level.

Christopher 2.

So, what about your family?

I have three sisters. My father lives in Michigan and my mother lives in Ohio. They're not married at the current moment but it doesn't matter, never at any time in my life and we get along pretty well, family reunions twice a year, three times a year because all of the us kids live in different cities.

Are they grown?

Yes, all of us are older. I'm the youngest, I'm the only boy. Monique is twenty-seven, Gina is thirty-two and Nicole is twenty-eight.

So you really are the baby of the family.

I'm definitely the baby and the only boy, so I get lucky at that.

Were you spoiled?


for sure?

No, never, never, no.

Tell me about San Diego.

Um, It's a great city. It's growing a lot. It's coming to a point where you have to make a whole lot of money before you go there because you can't go there and make money and live at the same time.


One of those kind of cities.

and um it's nice. They have the Padres, I'm a big fan and Chargers, I'm a fan of both of them

The Padres are . . .


Baseball. I'm not much of a sports fan... Are they a pretty good team?

Um, They're getting there, they're doing better after the first.... Well actually, they went to the play-offs so they got a little better.


they got little better

and um the Chargers are really good themselves so then you can't really complain about that.

Christopher 3.

Tell me about school.

School here or ?

Well, both places.

Oh, well I go to Western Michigan University. It's nice school. I really don't mind it. The Spanish department is great though, so it's a good experience with that. It's supportive and they really want you to do a lot of things wih your Spanish. I also studied economics and philosophy at the undergraduate level and those departments are a bit different, a bit smaller and there's not as much attention given to the students.

Not as much attention in a smaller department, how odd?

No, it's really odd but

ah, it is

yeah, but it works out, and here I'm just studying Spanish, linguistics, trying to get a little bit better at that. However, linguistics is really hard in Spanish because it's a different theory, a different philosophy and I really didn't get any linguistics in English so you put the two together [brand new] and it's a little bit confusing but I'm working my way through it. The city in Querétaro is great. I really like it. It's um, everything's concentrated so you really can't get lost, um

Did you get lost in the beginning?

No I didn't actually. I've never really gotten lost in Querétaro. I've always know where the Universidad was along the Saragosa and I live right off the Saragosa so

So that makes it easier.

Yeah, it's not that bad.

No I live on the Avenida los Arcos Esplanade, so I have a little ways to walk but I've learned the city too that way.

Christopher 4.
48 sec.

Have you any, like, experiences when you were a little kid you'd like to talk about? Funny ones or sad ones or weird ones?

Oh, uh, well, one time, when I was younger we used to go to the beach frequently and there's this beach called La Joya up from San Diego that has... It's an open beach, it's rather large. However, if you swim across there's, if you use your boogie board, your surfboard you can go to the cove, and we went to the cove and there was this huge whale that was just dead [a whale, for heavens sake?] and it stayed there for about six months [ooo, yuck] and it was just this big thing and you got to watch it disappear you know over half a year and then it turned into bones and then the bones bleached out and it was just.....[gone].

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