Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jeff introducción,
24 sec.

Ok, Hi, my name is Jeff Platt. I'm a student here in Querétaro but I attend the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon and I've lived there for about 5 years. I'm a Spanish/International studies major there and I like it very much. Eugene is a great place. It's very green. I love the mountains and trees, lots of music, and biking, hiking and all those great things that I love to do. Lots of water.

Jeff 2,
22 sec.

Um, yeah, my family. I'm originally was born in Minnesotta. Right now I'm 27 if I haven't said that already, yeah But my whole family lives in Minnesotta. I went to high school there, graduated and after did a lot of traveling I decided to change where I was living in the U.S. So right now I'm enjoying being on the west coast.

Jeff 3,
48 sec.

Spanish has been an important part of my life for the last few years. Of course it has to be otherwise I wouldn't be here in Querétaro. I've had a great experience here in the last four months. You people are very lucky to live here and to enjoy this beautiful, historic city. anything else

Anything else?

What about your first, your first day or two here?

First day or two here was a little crazy., a little crazy. I remember getting dropped off at the bus station and started looking around and not seeing any huge city. I was sort of especting a more urban, urban type of background, backdrop But, um, yeah it ended up being OK. I was in the hostel for a few days and sort of got my bearings that way. and, uh, just looking around. It was really great. I enjoyed the plaza there, it was very impressive at first glance.

Jeff 4,
41 sec.

What , what have you liked most about Querétaro or México in general?

México in general... Well, the people here are great. You can't really beat the people. Everyone here is really nice here. The food is amazing every day. I'm definitely going to have to .. world to salsa, rice and beans and tortillas. It's a different kind of... area. It seems like everything's a little bit different. I really like Querétaro being so, so clean and safe. This is a great place to study, it's very focused on history ... Yeah, as far as being a student, I like it, sitting in a café, reading and studying. It's very, very relaxing that way.

Jeff 5,
Sec. 41.

Jeff 6,
32 sec.

How many brothers and sisters do you have in the United States?

I have an older brother and a younger sister in the States

What about your family? How many family members do you have? (in México)

My family now, I have a great family. I have 4 members in my family, la señora de la casa, el señor de la casa, y mi hermana, mi hermano and yeah, they're all great. My little brother loves football, he lives and dies with "los chidas" and yeah, my,, my sister is 19, she's just really nice, a really great person. We get along well.

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